Ravenloft: Generations

Journal of Wilhelm de Beers

From the Central Barovian Library

Excerpt from the Journals of Wilhelm de Beers volume III.

The first things I usually notice when I return to a town are the changes.  Barovia was no different this time.  The first noticeable (and strangest) change was the half built palisade partly around the village.  I’m not sure what I thought was stranger, the palisade itself or that it was half built and starting to look abandoned.  Why a palisade?  I’ve heard no rumors of war or brigands.  And why was it starting to look abandoned?  I wondered if Bürgermeister Aleksandrov was dipping his hands into the pot and fudging the books.  I thought that perhaps he had a mistress and that I’d need to inquire discreetly to find the answers to my questions.  But things were…strange in Barovia. 

The other thing that slowly became apparent was an underlying tension that surrounded the village. 

Shortly after I arrived we learned that the Bürgermeister’s daughter Iryna ran off with one of the Vistani boys.  Oh, such a scandal!  But here’s the thing, when we tracked them down.  Well, it was all too strange.  I’m not sure I want to write it down.  I’m not sure what it was that I saw.

And the villagers…[the remaining text was destroyed by fire.] 


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