Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 4/9/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Atticus as John & Margret Blucher
  • Luis as Remus
  • Christian as Denis
  • Sean as Ionathon
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Tim as Wilhelm
  • Andrew as GM

First session of Generation 2

(Interesting game mechanic, Atticus is running his Warlord character as a pair of children who shout orders at the other characters.)

Midday at the Blucher farmstead and the Dark Vistani attack.  Fight, fight, fight.  At the end of the battle some Knights ride up and clear off the other Dark Vistani.  The courtier introduces themselves as Knights of the new lord in residence, Count Strahd III.  He invites everyone to the welcome celebration at the castle in a few days. Dylth gets a sniff of undead when talking to them.

Remus goes to the Vistani leader and she's concerned that she sees dark uncertainties. Wilhelm encourages everyone to attend.  Dylth and Denis tries to convince the Burgomeister and Bishop to not send everyone to attend.

(Hilarity ensues as Dylth the necromancer tries to explain the "bad" undead to "young" old man Martin who doesn't know that Dylth is a necromancer.)

Denis is suspicious and trains the local guard in anti calvary tactics.

Party day (game mechanic wise, story days have passed but we don't take extended rest.)

Most of the villagers attend the party, Remus attends as a representative of the Vistani.  (Game mechanic, the servants are undead and flood Dylth's "Sense Undead" power.)

Strahd appears and he's a handsome, charming man in his 40's.  He quickly focuses his attentions on Daria.

The kids John & Margret go exploring to find the chapel along with Remus.  They break into the chapel and find it strangely untouched by time.  Blood and bodies lie about as if the fight just ended.  (For the TV viewers at home, scene cuts between the original fight room and the current room, only difference being the lighting in the room.  As Remus explores the room, the TV scenes would cut between him and flashbacks of Valeria in the exact same positions).

An angry Dark Vistani storms into the festivities and yells about being slighted from not being invited to the party.  He summons undead.  Fight, fight, fight.

The Dark Vistani and undead are defeated.  Strahd promises to Remus that the regular Vistani are safe and protected in his valley and that the Dark Vistani must be rooted out and destroyed.  Strahd provides a gilded carriage for Daria to ride on her return to her home.

End session.  (Game mechanic wise, no extended rest).

RP MVP award to Atticus for his lisping portrayal and comments as John & Margret.

(Hi Niall!)




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