Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 6/18/17

  • Christian as Balog Aleksandrov
  • Sean as Ionathon
  • Tim as Val Killray
  • Luis as Remus
  • Luigi as Luduvic
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Atticus as Margret Blucher
  • Andrew as GM

First session of Generation 3

50 years have past in Ravenloft.  The At Amic Carrottette Knights have decline since Denis disappears.  Remus starts training the Knights in the Ways of the Shovel, now the Shovel and Fists Knights.

A few bards travel from town to town, spreading news, songs, and gossips.  A tradition set down form the days of Wilhelm.  Ludvic also travels between towns running messages. 

Town Council: Bishop Ionathan, Merchant Natalia Blucher, and Farmer Franz Ferdinand.

The old Vistani Matron has passed on and the Vistani have started to split into two groups; some moving into the towns and others who stay in the country (Town vs. Country, Modern vs. Traditional, Reformation vs. Orthadox?)  Xander is the leader of the Townies and Xarena is the leader of the Country.

The Bishop and the Hammerman.  The fighter takes the up the Hammer as Ionathon no longer wields it and instead does all healing. (Sean changed Ionathon from Paladin to Cleric class.)

Val, a veteran of a vague, distant war, wandered into town a few years back and was later made town constable. 

The last few years the Vistani have been calling for a spot on the Council.  The Warm Fire is still owned and operated by the Blucher family.  The DeVries family (Trevor) run the hospitals as Dylith spends most of time in the country learning the ways of the Vistani medicine.  But oddly (or not), Dylith still comes into town for births and deaths.

Note:  Xarena looks like a woman of importance. 

Remus going to Xander's home before Council meeting to discuss adding Vistani seat to Council.  Remus enters and finds Xander murdered in a ritualized fashion.  He glimpses a shadow exiting the window and rushes out to follow it.

Waited Levier (Hammerman) argues with Bishop Ionathon against allowing a Vistani seat as that might then influence church policy.  

Balog, the village ne'er-do-well, ambling behind the houses, sees a suspicious person exiting from a window and yells, "Burglar!" and gives to chase to Remus.  Remus stops and the council and constable gather in Xander's house to review the scene.  Ionathon casts a ritual to divine more details and accidently finishes the summoning spell.  Black smoke spews from the body and flies out of the house.  Everyone follows it to the old At Amic Carrottette dojo (insert Gymkata joke) to fight black wispy creatures.


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