Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 6/4/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Christian as Denis
  • Sean as Ionathon
  • Tim as Wilhelm
  • Luis as Remus
  • Luigi as Luduvic
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Andrew as GM

Third session of Generation 3

(Game mechanic: Atticus is running his Warlord character as a pair of children who shout orders at the other characters.)

Retcon:  Three months have NOT past (no extended rest for characters) since the fighting the wolf creatures and burning the hut and we pick up back at the village.

Later the same evening everyone returns to town.  A mob starts to gather in the town square as they egg each other that they need to kill the beast the got away while Dylith and Remus inspect the dead bodies. Denis tries to incite the mob to instead attack the castle and take down the evil lord, but they remain unswayed and set out to kill the beast.

The mob lock the children and the others in the cellar of the Warm Fire to prevent them from warning the beast.  Dylith and Remus come by a bit later and frees them, then they all head out to intercept the mob.

(Luigi fails his tracking/survival checks)  Luduvic leads them to the giant's wolf cave but not before the mob.  A smaller group of the mob (about 10) have surrounded the wolf and are attacking it while the rest of the mob stand at the edge ready to attack.

Combat time!  The heroes both guilt the larger watchers into leaving and also attack the 10 attacking the wolf.  They successfully thin down the mob until the last one, the Burgomeister, shoots his crossbow at the wolf.  John Blucher runs out from the cave and in a cinematic moment, runs in front of the wolf, taking the hit while yelling, "Noooooo!!!!!"

John dies and Luduvic turns and kills the Burgomeister.  Black, foul smoke rises from the Burgomeister's corpse and forms into a three headed monster (hydra stat block) thing.  As the heroes decapitate one head, another one appears.  This continues until it finally dies.

After affects:

Luduvic, after MURDERING the Burgomeister, likely goes into hiding again.

The Church sanctifies a Bishop (Smith?) to head the Church. (Wait, I thought it already had a Bishop?  Pope?)

The castle is abandoned and the townsfolk don't pay much notice of that change.

Denis helps form a City Council to replace the Burgomeister, moving away from a feudal system.

The At Amic Carrottette Knights start their young Scouts program (Naruto?)

After the murder of John, Margret Blucher runs off to live with the Vistani.


Here ends the saga of Generation 2.  Generation 3 to pick up 50 years later.



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