Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 7/2/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Christian as Balog Aleksandrov
  • Sean as Ionathon
  • Tim as Val Killray
  • Luis as Remus
  • Luigi as Luduvic
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Atticus as Margret Blucher
  • Andrew as GM

Second session of Generation 3

Picking up shortly after the last fight.  The heroes take a breather and examine the At Amic Carrottette Knights dojo and notice the domovoi (house spirit) who looks like part old man and part dust bunny.

Luduvic offers his flask and makes friends with it. When the domovoi is questioned about the man who ran into the dojo, the domovoi says he went away, but doesn't really know (or care) where or how.  A quick inspection reveal no secret doors or exits in the dojo.

Remus notices something odd about the large mirror, but can't pin point the oddity.  Ionathon and Dylith join magic to activate the mirror portal and everyone suddenly finds themselves in a different room, a different dimension?  The room looks lived in, with a bed, desk, and personal items, and a long mirror like the one in the dojo. 

Smoky mist skeletons appear and the fight begins.

After destroying the mist skeletons, the heroes explore the room and find no exits.  They do find boxes of journals spanning years.  Someone (Balog ?) wants to return to town in case the person who was here swapped to town when they swapped to here.

Dylith says not to worry, no one dying in town.  Remus asks how he knows that.  Val points out that Dylith returns to town whenever someone dies or at births.

Beat.  Awkward pause.

They find themselves transported back to the dojo and start going through the journals.  The journals span some 30 years and tell the tale of a group of At Amic Carrottette Knights Kids that went in search of power.  After Denis disappeared, no one could make fire fist balls and the AACKK wanted power to fight off the evil if it returned.  As the years went by, some of the AACK Kids started to disappear and the journals implied that they were being sacrificed by writer.  The last journal states that a last sacrifice is needed to complete the ritual. 

While the other examined the journals, Dylith headed back to the mortuarium to check on Trevor DeVries.  Instead Dylith finds Antol (Denis' padwan AACK Kid) waiting for him. 

Dylith's skeleton gets everyone to run over to the mortuarium in time to see Antol slit his own throat, blood spurting everywhere. 

Val shoots Dylith intending to bleed him and hoping his blood will mix with Antol's blood and disrupt or stop the blood ritual from completing.  It doesn't stop the ritual.  A gloopy, blob rises from the blood pool and several mini blobs.

The heroes defeat the blood monster and realize Antol was the author of the journals.  What comes next?


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