Ravenloft: Generations

The Wolf in the Mist

The Burgomeister of Barovia, Aleksander Aleksandrov, brought the town council, the local deacon, and the town "doctor" to his home. His daughter, Iryna, had been suffering from terrible nightmares. As of that morning, she had not awoken at all. On the other side of town, at The Warm Fire, the local pub, the owner and a few regulars were bringing the night to a close.

A group of wolves attacked the town of Barovia. By all indications, they specifically sought out specific towns people. They were able to defeat the wolves without any serious harm. However, this was certainly concerning so the group came together to investigate further.

After searching the forest, they were found by a group of Vistani, the mysterious travelers of the realm. Taken to the Vistani camp, they met with the Vistani Matriarch. She warned them that a dark presence was alive in the land of Barovia. It was responsible for the wolf attack on the town and for Iryna's current condition. She told them that the only way they could save Iryna would be to find this dark presence and defeat it. She suggested that they seek out the pack of wolves that attacked the village. They could be found near the outskirts of the old Castle Ravenloft.

They tracked the beast to its source, a large cave in the hillside upon which the old Castle Ravenloft sits. Inside, a massive wolf with blood red eyes waited for them. They battle the beast. When the final blow was struck, the beast vanished in a trail of smoke that left the cave.


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