Wilhelm de Beer

Human Bard


Wilhelm de Beer is a traveling minstrel in the land of Barovia. He travels between the tiny hamlets bringing news, gossip, stories, and cheer to the denizens of the land.


A teller of tales, a singer of songs, and bringer of news and gossip to the villages of Barovia, Wilhelm de Beer the mistral is all of that wrapped into one.

While growing up in the tiny village of Orasnou, Wilhelm found reading as an escape from the long cold winters. Inspired by the traveling mistral Wolfram von Eschenbach, who visited Orasnou once a year, young Wilhelm interests moved from books to music, songs, and ballads. When Wilhelm came of age he begged Wolfram to take him on his has apprentice.

Wilhelm and Wolfram traveled through Barovia honing Wilhelm’s skills for years until Wolfram felt that Wilhelm had mastered everything needed to end his apprenticeship. With his apprenticeship at an end, Wilhelm began traveling in an opposite pattern from Wolfram in order that they would always meet up in some location and catch up and share a meal together. Wilhelm spent the years after his apprenticeship establishing his own reputation, taking his time in his travels to learn and grow. While skipping towns or taking alternate routes is normal for Wolfram and Wilhelm, they would always meet at some point.

But recently Wilhelm has felt something has been amiss with Wolfram. He has not seen the old man in years and he can’t determine the last location that Wolfram was seen. As Wilhelm continues his route around Barovia, he quietly inquires about Wolfram as to determine what happened to his old master.

Wilhelm de Beer

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