Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Luigi as Luduvic
  • Luis as Valeria
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Tim as Wilhelm
  • Andrew as GM

After returning to the village with Iryna, Peter and Luduvic rally the villagers to renew work on the palisade and rebuilding the church.

Martin de Vries appears in town and assists Dylith with healing Iryna.

Helga is Burgomeister GF.  (Is there a wife?)

It's the middle of the night and farmer Betty runs up saying her children Nancy and Drew are missing.

Valeria jumps on her dog Clark and starts tracking the kids.  Everyone follows and the trail up to the old abandoned Ravenloft castle. As Valeria knocks on the door, a Vistani voices calls out, "He's not ready yet."  Zombies rise from the ground and 3 Dark Vistani walk around the corner.

Battle ensues and we enter castle.

Table discussion/decision/inspiration that the castle is a creature of chaos (reference to Castlevania) and will change and cannot be destroyed.

Sounds of chanting in unknown language leads us to the chapel where Andreas, leader of the Dark Vistani, is in the middle of a ritual with book and dagger and the two children laid before him on the alter.

Valeria vaults over the Dark Vistani blocking the alter with her shovel and attacks Andreas with an overhead strike with her shovel.

Fight fight fight

As Valeria kills Andreas, he calls out, "Help me Master!"  Andreas bursts into flames and burns into a pile of ash.  The flames reveal the stained glass window behind the alter with the old Barovian religion symbols, a stylized Sun with a silhouette of a raven below it.

Valeria goes down.  (adapting Sentinels of the Multiverse mechanic, no dead turn, player can inspire other players to grant temp buff)

Defeat the Vistani, rescue the kids, and revive Valeria.

Return to the village and inspire the townfolks to complete the Palisade and rebuild the church.

Old Solar region gets revival due to the inspiration from Luduvic and Dylith.  "Bring Light into Dark Places."  Dylith works with the death rituals.  Luduvic remains an outsider and doesn't lead church.

Kids Nancy and Drew keep telling everyone that Valeria saved them.  Inspires others to marital activities based on Valeria, but she doesn't approve of that stuff.  (Table discussion: a Shovel Knight HAS to show up sometime in a future generations.  A bastardization evolution of Valeria's beliefs/action.)

Here ends the saga of Generation 1.  Generation 2 to pick up 50 years later.






Journal of Wilhelm de Beers

From the Central Barovian Library

Excerpt from the Journals of Wilhelm de Beers volume XXII.

It’s been 30 years since those disturbing events long ago in old Barovia.  I say old Barovia because the village has changed much from those innocent days long ago.  Maybe now, with the years between us, I can put to paper those strange events that I witnessed so long ago.

We had just returned to the village from recovering Iryna in the forest.  She had not been lost as we told some of the villagers, but had run off to meet someone.  I initially believed it was with a Vistani boy, but we soon learned otherwise.

We tracked her to a small clearing and we found her being intimate with some sort of beast.  When we attacked the beast and defeated it, it turned into a pillar of dark smoke and flew away.

We returned to the village in an agitated mood and Dylith and Péter stirred up the villagers into continuing work on the palisade in the middle of the night.  It was duing all this commotion that two little children went missing.  Valeria, yes, that Valeria, when off to track the missing children and we followed not far behind.  The trail let to the old abandoned Ravenloft castle where we found some undead monsters waiting for us.

Inside the castle we found the children bound to an alter by some corrupted Vastani who were in the middle of a ritual.  Again Valeria rushed into battle.  Her namesakes would be proud.

Valeria killed the Vestani leader, he called out for help to his master before burning into a pillar of black ash.  Who was this master of his?  What was the ritual going to do?  What caused him to burn into ash?  I still have no answers.

These questions still haunt me as well as the image of sun and raven in the stained glass window behind the burning Vistani.

The Attack of the Vistani


Journal of Wilhelm de Beers

From the Central Barovian Library

Excerpt from the Journals of Wilhelm de Beers volume III.

The first things I usually notice when I return to a town are the changes.  Barovia was no different this time.  The first noticeable (and strangest) change was the half built palisade partly around the village.  I’m not sure what I thought was stranger, the palisade itself or that it was half built and starting to look abandoned.  Why a palisade?  I’ve heard no rumors of war or brigands.  And why was it starting to look abandoned?  I wondered if Bürgermeister Aleksandrov was dipping his hands into the pot and fudging the books.  I thought that perhaps he had a mistress and that I’d need to inquire discreetly to find the answers to my questions.  But things were…strange in Barovia. 

The other thing that slowly became apparent was an underlying tension that surrounded the village. 

Shortly after I arrived we learned that the Bürgermeister’s daughter Iryna ran off with one of the Vistani boys.  Oh, such a scandal!  But here’s the thing, when we tracked them down.  Well, it was all too strange.  I’m not sure I want to write it down.  I’m not sure what it was that I saw.

And the villagers…[the remaining text was destroyed by fire.] 

The Wolf in the Mist

The Burgomeister of Barovia, Aleksander Aleksandrov, brought the town council, the local deacon, and the town "doctor" to his home. His daughter, Iryna, had been suffering from terrible nightmares. As of that morning, she had not awoken at all. On the other side of town, at The Warm Fire, the local pub, the owner and a few regulars were bringing the night to a close.

A group of wolves attacked the town of Barovia. By all indications, they specifically sought out specific towns people. They were able to defeat the wolves without any serious harm. However, this was certainly concerning so the group came together to investigate further.

After searching the forest, they were found by a group of Vistani, the mysterious travelers of the realm. Taken to the Vistani camp, they met with the Vistani Matriarch. She warned them that a dark presence was alive in the land of Barovia. It was responsible for the wolf attack on the town and for Iryna's current condition. She told them that the only way they could save Iryna would be to find this dark presence and defeat it. She suggested that they seek out the pack of wolves that attacked the village. They could be found near the outskirts of the old Castle Ravenloft.

They tracked the beast to its source, a large cave in the hillside upon which the old Castle Ravenloft sits. Inside, a massive wolf with blood red eyes waited for them. They battle the beast. When the final blow was struck, the beast vanished in a trail of smoke that left the cave.

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