Ravenloft: Generations

... from the Memoir of Valeria

the start of something big

Today I witnessed evil for the first time. Not in the usual sense of people doing bad things. I've seen that. I saw the death and destruction brought by the bandits that attacked our village, watched those same bandits murder my parents as they sacrificed themselves in order for me to run and hide. I saw the greed of man when I was sold to the Vistani like some kind of trinket. I've seen those in pain hurt others by stealing and/or lying to loved ones and strangers alike. This is why I'm grateful for my plot of land I was able to inherit. Why I'm grateful that it's technically outside the boundaries of the village.

But, that's not what I'm talking about. No, today… I witnessed REAL evil. Looked into its eyes and stood firm to meet it. Terrified as the encounter was, the end result shakes me to my core. The fact that I'm not sure we ended anything… not sure if it can be ended. No, I think we are at the beginning of something. Something bigger than ourselves. 


Postscript: It seems I still don't know what 'peace' means to me. I tried to live a quiet life, I really did. Yet I find myself running into battle, feeling some unfounded responsibility to protect those in the village… to protect even the Vistani, regardless of how contentious our past has been.


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