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Game notes 10/8/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Alex as Dylith (an Occultist)
  • Luigi as Luduvic (A RANGER)
  • Christian as Peter Aleksandrov (a sorcerer).  Age 18.  Wolf line known to town
  • Tim as Richter Hohenheim (a wizard). Age 60. Crazy old man who moved into the village a few years back.
  • Luis as Nephalia (a sorcerer).  Vistani female in her 40's who is next in line for elder clan leader.
  • Sean as LeGault.  Human traveling through Barovia, currently bartending at The Warm Fire.
  • Atticus as ?
  • Andrew as GM

Fourth session of Generation 4

As the village recovers from the attack of the undead army, the heroes spend the rest of the night cleaning up from the battle.

Nephalia tries seeing the future (without Dylith drug enhancements?) and succeeds in going into a trance/vision state.  She walks through a castle of some sort and near the end of her vision she realizes something is watching her.  She awakes abruptly and Luduvic helps to calm her.  (Sort of a psychic home invasion.)

Before dawn they gather and ready to head to castle.  Nikita is worried, but she wishes them well. 

They make their way up the hill, back tracking the trail of the undead army.  As they enter the castle gates they find the castle old and worn, but solid and intact.  In the courtyard they find signs that the weapons were recently looted for the undead army that attacked village.  They also find signs of battle from long ago.  This was definitely the assembly point of the skeleton army.

As they continue to explore the courtyard, they get a feeling that all the bad things come from here.  Two large creepy bats like creatures appear.  FIGHT!  They reek of undead and the heroes destroy them.

Image result for D&D giant bats

After defeating the bats they enter castle.  Nephalia leads them, exploring rooms as they go and eventually they are drown to chapel.  “You should not be hear” says a voice (out loud or in their/her mind?).  Ghostly creatures attack.  FIGHT!

Image result for d&d wraith

After defeating the spirits, Dylith directs them upstairs where they find the bodies of Wilhelm de Beer and Denis who locked themselves in the room and died there.  (Game mechanic – Richter and Peter are Dazed, save ends, due to coming face to face with their past lives)  They find Wilhelm’s journal and the last entry says they ran from the great evil and looked themselves here hoping to later escape the castle.  And that The Master is in the lowest level of the castle.

They go to bottom of level and find a large room (crypt?).  There they fight more undead (wights?) and after defeating them, Strahd rises and everyone is frozen in place.  Strahd stares and examines each one, except Dylith and Luduvic, seeing through the veil of time, seeing them each for who they are and who they once were.  (I think Strahd said something, but I don’t remember.)

Scene closes with a long dark fade out.

Here ends the saga of Generation 4.  Generation 5 (last?) to pick up 100-200 years later.


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