Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 4/23/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Atticus as John & Margret Blucher
  • Christian as Denis
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Sean as Ionathon
  • Tim as Wilhelm
  • Luigi as Luduvic
  • Andrew as GM

Second session of Generation 2

(Interesting game mechanic, Atticus is running his Warlord character as a pair of children who shout orders at the other characters.)

NPC Bishop of Church named Smit(?)

Several days have past since party at castle Ravenloft.  Daria getting letters from Strahd, but she finds it creepy and she's interested in Edrick (grandson of Aleksander Aleksandrov).

Martin comes to Dylith with info on a dark flower in the forest.  Dylith gathers a party from the tavern to examine the plant.  Voices arguing near plant as the team approaches.  Kids and Denis sneak forward and see two figures and the figure in black throws the other, a dark Vistani into the maws of the large carnivorous plant and teleports away.

We fight the plant and after killing it, it turns into Undead carnivorous plant.

We return to town and decide to head back to the plant and see if we can back track where the people came from in the first place.  Trail leads to shack with blood and lab equipment.  Large wolves and a mannish wolf attack.

After killing the wolves we find them wearing earrings, tattered clothes, and markings matching the dark Vistani, as if they had been transformed.  We burn the corpses and hut before returning to town.

Several game time months to pass before the next session.





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