Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 5/21/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Atticus as John & Margret Blucher
  • Christian as Denis
  • Sean as Ionathon
  • Tim as Wilhelm
  • Luigi as Luduvic
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Andrew as GM

Second session of Generation 3

(Game mechanic: Atticus is running his Warlord character as a pair of children who shout orders at the other characters.)

Three months have past (extended rest for characters) since the fighting the wolf creatures and burning the hut.

Daria laments that she hasn't seen Aerdric (sp?) since that incident and suspects he may have run off. 

Dylith has the inspired insight that the transformation of the wolf creatures required the blood from someone special, but he has no clue whom.  (Viewers get a shot of Strahd in his lab making another.)

Denis tries to organize outside hamlet into resisting the new Count, but little interest from them.  Along the way the fights off a wolf, impresses a young local boy named Antol and thus gains a padwan for the At Amic Carrottette Knights.

Later, the kids are out playing when they notice a large wolf watching them.  They run to tell Daria and she sends the kids back to town while she goes off to search for the wolf with bow in hand.  She later returns without incident.

Two weeks (?) pass and the kids have noticed Daria with the large wolf on occasion while they're out in the woods.

Late one evening Strahd comes knocking at the city gate to visit The Warm Fire tavern and see Daria.

Denis holds him up at the gate while the Mayor rush over to let him in.

At The Warm Fire Strahd asks about Daria and Luduvic pops out from among the bushes to tell him that Daria is likely hanging out with her wolf.  Strahd does not take it well and little John tells Strahd that he wants to be a Knight.  Strahd takes little John's arm and promises him when he's of age, he will belong to Strahd (creepy) then Ludvic stands and grabs the other arm of little John and said something ("No."  I can't remember.)  The energy created by the contact of Strahd and Ludvic is a vortex of unhappiness (despair?) which causes John to start crying.

Strahd leaves and shortly after exiting the city gate a large wounded wolf staggers into town.  Wilhelm and Denis want to bind it but the kids shout a greeting that the wolf is Daria's friend and wnat to know where is Daria.  Ionathon heals the wolf and they all go off to find Daria.

The wolf leads them to a clearing where a Daria is fighting off a pack of Dire wolves and collapses as they arrive.  The party kills off the Dire wolves and the giant wolf runs off before the other towns people arrive.  The kids and Dylith run off to track the wolf to his lair while everyone else returns to town.

Over the next few weeks the kids and Dylith get to know the wolf better.

(Short rest before next time although two(?) game time weeks will pass before next session.)



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