Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 7/30/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Christian as Balog Aleksandrov
  • Sean as Ionathon
  • Tim as Val Killray
  • Luis as Remus
  • Luigi as Luduvic
  • Alex as Dylith
  • Atticus as Margret Blucher
  • Andrew as GM

Fourth session of Generation 3

Fernando, Enos, and the other two possessed guards are left in the Church to recover.  No one is told about the possession to avoid causing additional traumaThe public cover up story is that the monster attacked all of them, but Laverne and Shirley died from their wounds. 

Remus goes out to visit the country Vistani and warn them of the dangers.  He is taken to Xarena (Remember, Xarena looks like a woman of importance) and finds the Vistani packing up to move sooner then expected.  Xarena says she feels dark energies around and returns to town with Remus.

With Enos and two guards out of commission, Val appoints recruits a few temporary guards, including Balog.  While Balog would normally be too young, he has proven himself in combat and is privy to knowledge of what the black goop did to Fernando and Enos.

The group gather in the VCC to meet with Xarena and discuss the mirror.  She says she has seen all this before or seen variations of this before, all the possibilities, all different out comes.  Sometimes death, sometimes the destruction of the village.  The image in the mirror looks strange and feels wrong.

Xarena thinks she can seal the mirror/breach.  She starts her ritual to shut the portal/mirror and images of other realities flicker off and on in the mirror.  The mirror spews 3 small black goos and the heroes fight them off and protect Xarena as she continues her ritual.

The heroes defeat the 3 black goos and Xarena nears the end of the ritual.  A dark figure appears in the mirror and walks forward from the other side, reaching out to Xarena. A large, humanoid, inky thing steps through.

The heroes defeat the monster (a reskinned black dragon) and Xarena completes her ritual.  The mirror turns into a vortex sucking up all the black goo from the world into the mirror world then shatters.


The Vistani Cultural Center is cleared of evil spirits.  The black goo monsters become tales told to children to make them behave.

Remus takes the Council seat originally planned for Xander.  Fernando, who is a non Vistani but converted to their ways, becomes his apprentice.

Ionathon retires from the Church.  Waited Levier, the former Hammerman, becomes the new Bishop and Ionathon appoints Won (or is it Juan?) as the new Hammerman and tells Won to keep Bishop Levier in check.

After seeing and fighting all the monsters, Balog is inspired to become Chief of Police and changes his ways from the village ne'er-do-well.  The werewolf bloodline continues in semi public knowledge tied to the Blücher family.

Val, after a few years, gets restless and moves on from city and land of Barovia.

Dylith goes back into the country to continue learning from the Vistani as well as teaching them  something like Defense of Dark Arts, an off shoot that becomes Vistani Wizardry.  He rarely travels back into town for births or deaths.  Instead, he travels in for births he feels are "special."

The Country Vistani continually travel and move locations frequently.  Feeling chased across the countryside, they rarely stay in one location for long.  This continues for years until the death of Xarena.  After her passing they feel a short period of piece.

Here ends the saga of Generation 3.  Generation 4 to pick up 100 years later.


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