Ravenloft: Generations

Game notes 8/13/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Alex as Dylith (now an Occultist)
  • Luigi as Luduvic ( A ranger with a large spider companion named Betsy)
  • Christian as Peter Aleksandrov (a sorcerer).  Age 18.  Wolf line known to town
  • Tim as Richter Hohenheim (a wizard). Age 60. Crazy old man who moved into the village a few years back.
  • Luis as Nephalia (a sorcerer).  Vistani female in her 40's who is next in line for elder clan leader.
  • Sean as ?
  • Atticus as ?
  • Andrew as GM

First session of Generation 4

100 years have past.  The scene opens on a normal morning.  Nephalia wakes from a dream/vision of destruction of a village.  She goes to see Dylith for guidance and find him playing chess with Luduvic.  Cue flashback sequence of Dylith and Luduvic playing chess over the past 100 years, overlaid with vague and insinuating comments.  Dylith tells her that it is time to gather the champions.

Scene cut to Nikita Blücher.  She looks familiar, like a Woman of Importance.  She is one of the five Council members for the Village of Barovia.  Tristin, old dude, being another Council member.  Tarique is another Council member.

Later that evening the heroes (Dylith, Luduvic, Peter, Richter, and Nephalia) gather at the Warm Fire after getting letters delivered to them by Luduvic in weird ways.  Dylith tries to explain to everyone that destruction is coming and the meaning of of Nephalia's visions.

A scream outside disturbs the night's tranquility.  The heroes rush out and find Nikita being roughed up by a hooded man.  When confronted, he says, "My Master warned me about you."  The only thing visible under his hood are his eyes, glowing (red?).  He summons monsters from the ground (zombies) and they fight the heroes while the hooded figure disappears in a pillar of smoke.  During the fight Dylith is smashed to bits and goes down like a sack of beef.  He rises from the ground by pulling pieces of the destroyed zombies into his body.  Gross.

After the fight Nikita takes them to her house for a debrief.  Dylith tell her about the impeding attack on the village and Nikita summons the other Councilors to hear the about the attack.  "What do we need to do to prevent this?" she asks.

End of session


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