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Game notes 8/27/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Alex as Dylith (now an Occultist)
  • Luigi as Luduvic (A ranger with a large spider companion named Betsy)
  • Christian as Peter Aleksandrov (a sorcerer).  Age 18.  Wolf line known to town
  • Tim as Richter Hohenheim (a wizard). Age 60. Crazy old man who moved into the village a few years back.
  • Luis as Nephalia (a sorcerer).  Vistani female in her 40's who is next in line for elder clan leader.
  • Sean as LeGault.  Human traveling through Barovia, currently bartending at The Warm Fire.
  • Atticus as ?
  • Andrew as GM

Second session of Generation 4

The story continues at Nikita's house.  As the council members assemble, LeGault, the bartender from The Warm Fire, arrives with a catered food delivery of varenyky, pljeskavica, and prekmurska gibanica. 

(My notes say the fire from the burning bodies were regular flames and purple in color.)

After some discussion everyone heads over to the morturarium to see Kristoff DeVries and get access to the lab to track drown the unknown evil.  The lab assistant Markov is missing so LeGault and Luduvic go looking for him at his house.  When they get no answer from knocking at his door, they break into his house. 

Back at the morturarium, Dylith rambles on about visions and starts to make a concoction to induce visions for Nephalia.

Cut back to Markov's house as LeGault and Luduvic search the house.  A noise in the next room draws their attention where they find a desiccated corpse and skeletons, then the skeletons move in to attack.

Cut back to the morturarium where Nephalia begins to have a vision of a room with the source of the Dark Power with a corpse and skeletons attacking Luduvic and LeGault.  She realizes that she is remote viewing the fight in the house and that she can influence it.  Fight time. (Game mechanic where Luis can skill check something to impact the fight.)

After the fight LeGault and Luduvic examine the corpse and determine that it is likely the body of Markov's aunt or grand aunt and not the body of Markov.  They search the house and find a journal that they assume belongs to Markov.  It starts with normal jealousy, of not getting more knowledge from Kristoff, then mentions a stranger who promises power and then starts calling the stranger, "Master."

Nephalia has another vision of a smaller village where they were being attacked by a skeleton dragon but does not share the vision with the rest of the people.

LeGault and Luduvic return to the morturarium with the journals, Dylith looks through it and recognizes a location to the south, a small village of no importance.  (Meta story wise the location is somewhere significant to Strahd, a past battle or where he first saw HER.  Something that is significant only to Strahd and is lost in time to everyone else.)

After Dylith reveals the location to the south, Nephalia shares her second vision with Dylith and he convinces her that they must go there to fulfill the vision.

Dylith tells Kristoff to prepare for battle and he dons his old family gear, must of which doesn't fit properly.  Everyone gears up and heads south to the small hamlet.

The team arrives at the hamlet near pre-dawn and all is quiet.  They find the large barn from Nephalia's vision and LeGault scouts ahead.  He climbs the roof of the barn and peaks in to find several villagers tied up and a cloaked figure doing a ritual. 

LeGault returns to the group and the move in to stop the ritual.  Luduvic, his pet spider Betsy, and Peter climb the roof.  Peter jumps down into the barn but the ritual is complete and a large dragon skeleton rises from the ground.  The cloaked figure backs into the shadows and the heroes fight the dragon skeleton.  The dragon spews its dragon's breath and Dylith takes the full brunt as Nephalia dodges away.

After defeating the dragon skeleton and rescuing the villagers, the captured hooded figure is revealed to be Markov.  He seems to be the same figure who summoned the zombies in the alley.

(Extended Rest) 


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