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Game notes 9/17/17

Game notes, anyone can add/edit from their recollection

  • Alex as Dylith (now an Occultist)
  • Luigi as Luduvic (A ranger without a large spider companion named Betsy)
  • Christian as Peter Aleksandrov (a sorcerer).  Age 18.  Wolf line known to town
  • Tim as Richter Hohenheim (a wizard). Age 60. Crazy old man who moved into the village a few years back.
  • Luis as Nephalia (a sorcerer).  Vistani female in her 40's who is next in line for elder clan leader.
  • Sean as LeGault.  Human traveling through Barovia, currently bartending at The Warm Fire.
  • Atticus as ?
  • Andrew as GM

Third session of Generation 4

Nikita’s heart began to beat faster as Danzel passed the plate of smooshed potatoes.  Why had she never noticed his beautiful brown eyes before, she wondered as she took the next plate of kaszanka and placed it next to the smooshed potatoes.  She pondered this all as LeGault continued to distribute more dishes for the table.  She had long know of Danzel, he as one of the farmers in the outer ring.  She had seen and spoken with him many times, but now something was different, something had changed, as if something deep inside her had awakened. 

She thought back to the events of the past day that brought them here.  The heroes had returned from their trip south with a prisoner, Markov the former lab assistant.  They told her that they had captured him after he had summoned a dragon skeleton and that they had brought him back to find out more about his “Dark Lord.” 

As Nikita continued to set out the dishes for the Town Council and image Danzel’s hands, his large, brawny hands, the heroes began their interrogation of Markov.  Earlier in the day they had placed him in a cell that had been augmented with magical protection by Nephalia.  Markov had tried to threaten, bargain, and plead for his release.  Getting little information from Markov about the Dark Lord forced Dylith and Nephalia to drastic measures.  Dylith concocted another potion and Nephalia drank it to enter into Markov’s mind.

As Nephalia descended into the madness of Markov’s mind, she began to see his memories and visions of the Dark Lord.  She sees Markov and the Dark Lord in a decayed throne room.  “Bing me Tatyana,” shouts the Dark Lord.  Markov looks confused and asks, “You mean Nikita?”  “Yes,” replies the Dark Lord.  Nephalia realizes that Nikita is in danger. 

Nephalia snaps out of the vision to find that hours have past while only minutes had passed in the vision world.  She tells Dylith that Nikita is in danger and they continue to interrogate Markov.  “My master will rescue me,” says Markov.  “When is that?” asks Dylith.  “When the dead rise,” answers Markov.

Nikita’s fingers lingered on Danzel’s armed as they watched the Shovel Knight Scouts practice with their trowels while they sing and dance a polka.

“Someone stole the keeshka

From the butcher shop


Round, firm and fully-packed

It was hanging on the rack

Someone stole the keeshka

When I turned my back


You can have my shinka

Take my sweet krusczyki

Take my plump pierogi

You can even have my serniczki

Take my long kielbasa


Who stole the keeshka

Won't you bring it back?”

Their blissful moment is shattered as Dylith and Nephalia rushed in and shout that the town is going to be attacked.  Nephalia asks about the town’s defenses and someone shouts back about manning the palisade.  Someone else yells about protecting the children and the heroes spill out of Nikita’s house into the city square. 

The villagers quickly mobilize, sending the young and old to the church basement while all the able bodied villagers prepare for battle at the palisade.  Off in the distance a horde of undead march (shamble?) on the village from the direction of the castle. 

As the villagers fight the horde, the heroes battle a swarm of wraiths that converge on Nikita’s house.  (Fight time!)

As the battle ends, the heroes return to the morturarium to check on Markov.  There they find Kristoff with his ancestor’s whip, Nikita, and Danzel, who took it upon himself to be Nikita’s bodyguard. 

A handsome stranger suddenly appears and approaches the pair, then quickly snaps Danzels’s neck.  The stranger says to Nikita, “I will be back for you,” then turns into a bat and flaps away.

The heroes stand there in shock as Nikita weeps over the body of Danzel.  In the background Markov can be heard yelling for his master and yelling that his master will rescue him.


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