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  • Races of Barovia

    The region of Barovia is not ethnographically diverse. The majority of the people living here are [[Humans]], descending all the way back to when the region was first settled. Over time, other groups of note have also settled in the region.

  • Humans

    Humans represent the largest population of people in the region. Most of the settlements, including the town of Barovia, are primarily occupied by humans.

    Human Player Characters

    Human characters gain +2 to any one ability score. …

  • Vistani

    The Vistani are a group of semi-nomadic travelers in the Barovian region. There caravans travel throughout the valley, occasionally settling near a village or hamlet for a period. They are also known for traveling to far off lands, bringing back …

  • Krasnoludek

    Krasnoludek fluff.

    Krasnoludek Player Characters

    Krasnoludek characters gain +2 to any one ability score. In addition, they may choose one of the following three racial powers: Confounding, Evasive, or