Krasnoludek fluff.

Krasnoludek Player Characters

Krasnoludek characters gain +2 to any one ability score. In addition, they may choose one of the following three racial powers: Confounding, Evasive, or Slippery.

Confounding (racial power)

Once per battle, when you roll a natural 16+ with an attack, you can also daze the target until the end of your next turn.

Champion Feat: Instead of being dazed, the target of your confounding ability is weakened until the end of your next turn.

Evasive (racial power)

Once per battle, force an enemy that hits you with an attack to reroll the attack with a -2 penalty.

Champion Feat: The enemy's reroll when you use evasive takes a -5 penalty instead. 

Slippery (racial power)

Once per battle, after an enemy misses you with an attack, you may pop free from that enemy and any other enemies you are engaged with as a free action.

Champion Feat: When you use this ability, you may make a basic melee weapon attack against the enemy who made the missed attack against you before you pop free.


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