Races of Barovia

The region of Barovia is not ethnographically diverse. The majority of the people living here are Humans, descending all the way back to when the region was first settled. Over time, other groups of note have also settled in the region.

Some time after the first human settlements, a new group of people began settling at the edges of the forests. Reaching only three to four feet in height, these newcomers were much shorter than the humans, causing the ancient Barovians to mistake them for imps or some other mischievous forest spirit. Eventually, they came to be called the Krasnoludek, sometimes shortened to krasnal or ludek. Over time, they have spread throughout the region, usually living in small farming hamlets away from larger settlements.

For as long as anybody can remember, the Vistani have travelled through and around the region of Barovia. These travelers often bring tales from faraway lands in addition to goods and trinkets not otherwise found in the region.


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Races of Barovia

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