The Vistani are a group of semi-nomadic travelers in the Barovian region. There caravans travel throughout the valley, occasionally settling near a village or hamlet for a period. They are also known for traveling to far off lands, bringing back curiosities from vastly different cultures and peoples.

Vistani have an air of magic about them and a particular connection to the land of Barovia. Some Vistani still revere old nature spirits of the region, following ancient practices otherwise forgotten.

It is believed that Vistani were originally just humans who took to traveling. Whether or not that is true, they are similar to humans but also distinctly different. Some say that the Vistani's travels have changed them as a people. Others believe that some sort of magic or sorcery have distinguished the Vistani from their human ancestry.

Vistani Player Characters

Vistani characters gain +2 to any one ability score. In addition, they may choose one of the following three racial powers: Vistani TeleportationVistani Grace, or Vistani Curse. The Vistani Curse racial power is normally only associated with Vistani who have made a pact with a dark power.

Vistani Teleportation (racial power)

Once per battle as a move action, palce yourself in a nearby location you can see.

Champion Feat: Deal damage equal to twice your level to one enemy engaged with you before or after you teleport.

Vistani Grace (racial power)

At the start of each of your turns, roll a die to see if you get an extra standard action. If your roll is equal to or lower than the escalation die, you get an extra standard action that turn.

At the start of battle, you roll a d6. Each time you successfully gain an extra action, the size of the die you roll increases by one step on the following progression: (d4), d6, d8, d10, d12, d20. If you get an extra action after rolling a d20, you can’t get any more extra actions that battle.

Champion Feat: Once per day, start a battle rolling a d4 for Vistani Grace instead of a d6.

Vistani Curse (racial power)

Once per battle, deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage equals 5 times your level. (For example, at 3rd level you would deal 15 ongoing damage against a single target.) As usual, a normal save (11+) ends the damage. A critical hit doesn’t double this ongoing damage.

Champion Feat: Once per day, you can instead use Vistani Curse to deal 5 ongoing damage per level against a target you have missed or had a natural odd attack roll against. 


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