Humans represent the largest population of people in the region. Most of the settlements, including the town of Barovia, are primarily occupied by humans.

Human Player Characters

Human characters gain +2 to any one ability score. In addition, they may choose one of the following three racial powers: Quick to Fight, That's Your Best Shot?, or Lethal.

Quick to Fight (racial power)

At first level, you start with two feats instead of one.

At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.

Champion Feat: if you roll a natural 19 or 20 for initiative, increase the escalation die by 1.

That's Your Best Shot? (racial power) 

Once per battle as a free action after you have been hit by an enemy attack, you can heal using a recovery. If the escalation die is less than 2, you only get half the usual healing from the recovery. Unlike other recoveries that might allow you to take an average result, you have to roll this one!

Note that you can’t use this ability if the attack drops you to 0 hp or below. You’ve got to be on your feet to sneer at their attack and recover.

Champion Feat: If the escalation die is 2+ when you use the power, the recovery is free. 

Lethal (racial power)

Once per battle, reroll a melee attack and use the roll that you prefer as the result.

Champion Feat: If the lethal attack reroll is a natural 16+, you can use lethal again later this battle.  


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